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Where games are played well

Shmups Forum - High Scores
The largest English-speaking forum around that focuses only 2D shooting games. Also has a nice Strategy section.

Gaming Journals
A place for people who wish to write down their deep action gaming tales. Blogs suck.

Raiden Fighters Emporium
The best site for information on the Raiden Fighters games.

Speed Demos Archive
Speedrunning is the act and art of completing a game the fastest possible way. The videos posted on SDA have fulfilled strict qualifications, both technical and gameplay-wise.

If a game has any sort of method for competing - be it high score, time, combo - you can enter your achievements here and compete with other people.

A repository for superplay videos - videos of games completed with a high degree of skill. Mostly shmups, but has some other games as well.
Another gamer tracking his scores and sometimes offering replays.
Quite a few videos of shmups and some non-shmups available for download.

Team Marubaku
A group of japanese players dedicated to arcade racing games. Has videos for download.

Video Game Ownage
Though the main site no longer updates, there are still videos of many a game being conquered.

Score Hero
Excellently built site for tracking and comparing your Guitar Hero scores against other players.

A page focusing on different versions of Tetris Attack. They also keep verified records and videos for download.

Super Monkey Ball Video Site
An absolutely ridiculous amount of Super Monkey Ball videos.

MFO F-Zero
Videos, records and information on the F-Zero series.

A Wipeout-site with a well-organised page for records.

Internet Archive: Video Games
In addition to the random footage there's also some speedruns and replays hosted.